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HCG and Weight Loss – An Update

Posted on February 15th, 2010 by Matt Schoeneberger

The written update will be published soon, full of references and that good science-y stuff!

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7 Responses to “HCG and Weight Loss – An Update”

  1. rondi says:

    Thank you for the information– I’m glad you are reminding people to be thoughtful before using any kind of hormones to replace their own. You and Jeff were talking (on Saturday)about homeopathic stimulation. Was there any more information about that? Also,I would love to hear your thoughts on body types and the relative difficulty some of us have building muscle and losing weight. Specifically, does body type even factor into this? Or is building muscle the same for all of us women? Thanks, RJ

    • Well, there’s not a ton of research that I’ve seen on homeopathic medicine working. The basic idea of most homeopathic medicine is to “fight like with like”, which doesn’t really apply in this situation. Plus, they give what constitutes mostly water with the ‘energy’ of the substance. Richard Dawkins covers it nicely in one episode of “Enemies of Reason” – which you can find on YouTube.

      Body type is a complex issue, but yes, genetics and current hormonal status will have an effect on body composition changes. Unfortunately, there are no true “body types” that easily fit people into molds – which would make it easier to help people, but everyone’s genetics and hormone status can be completely different.

  2. rondi says:

    So, I just tuned into the webinar, but apparently I’m not doing it right because you didn’t seem to receive any of my questions or comments. They weren’t anything earth shakingly important, but I will have to beg another web lesson. Sorry. Rondi

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