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Slow Burn vs Tim Ferriss 34lb workout

Posted on December 26th, 2010 by Jeff Thiboutot M.S.

The comparison would not format correctly in the comments section, so to make it clear I am posting it here. To understand the context review the comments section for the post Fred Hahn’s Slow Burn Fitness Revolution

Here is a PDF version as well.

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One Response to “Slow Burn vs Tim Ferriss 34lb workout”

  1. Fred Hahn says:

    The set length using Slow Burn is within the anaerobic range. I state in my book that a set should last ~60-90 seconds (I think I mentioned 120 seconds at one point) before failure is attained. This means ~3 reps minimum, ~5 reps maximum. At my studio in NYC, advanced subjects will sometimes reach failure in 2-4 reps or 40 – 70 seconds.

    Tim’s set times are about 70-100 seconds. IOW, virtually identical set time recommendations.

    The exercises listed in my book are not the ONLY exercises one can perform in SB. So to compare Tim’s exercise selection from the ones listed in my book do not cover all of the exercises I would recommend for a Slow Burn workout. The exercises in my book are just a sample that most people will do quite well using.

    Listing the exercises I do and the one Tim does doesn’t prove anything about the differences. By and large, we both do the same exercises.

    As far as rest between sets go, since we both use one set there is no difference in rest between sets. If what you meant is rest between exercises, I do not say that you must rest only 1 minute between exercises. Rest as long as you need to before going to the next exercise. 3 minutes is fine but unnecessary.

    I also mention in my book that you can train 3 days a week in the beginning of your training just as Tim does. Tim also recommends that you train less often as you become more muscular.

    The two of you are trying awfully hard to discredit my training method for some strange reason and you’re not doing a very good job of it.

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