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Food, Inc. A documentary on food production – A must see

Posted on December 29th, 2009 by Jeff Thiboutot M.S.

I rented Food Inc. this weekend. It’s a recent (2008) documentary on how most of the food in the U.S. is produced. I was aware of most of the information covered, but still found it educational. It definitely got me thinking again about the many problems with how food is typically produced and that it is clearly not the best method available. I would recommend everyone watch this video. I rented it @ Blockbuster. Let me know what you think of it after you watch it.

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One Response to “Food, Inc. A documentary on food production – A must see”

  1. Alyssa says:

    I insta-watched this on NetFlix last week and I agree! It is definitely a must see. It really changed how I think about food production. And it makes one think twice about food selection.
    If you haven’t seen this documentary yet, you really should.

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