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Eating on SPEED – More time for sex

Posted on June 7th, 2012 by Matt Schoeneberger

Jeff and I talk a lot about what NOT to do. The reason for this is that there are so many other plans and programs that have you focusing on insignificant and ineffective details that we’re afraid many of you are wasting time and energy that could be better spent elsewhere – like on exercise or a hobby or having sex. This is especially true with eating patterns, so I thought it might be nice for you to see a few sample eating patterns that fit into SPEED. I want you to see that the frequency of the meals can vary greatly and WILL NOT affect the outcome much, if at all, which means it becomes a matter of personal preference and you get to decide it for yourself. Scary, isn’t it? Having to make that decision all on your own without an “expert” doing it for you? It’s okay, you can always change your mind later.

Here are a few examples. I’m not going to give quantities or other specifics because those would be different for the 105 lbs female and the 250 lbs male reading this. Plus, that’s not the point of the exercise. Each day will have a comment after it to give you an idea of the point I’m trying to make.

Example 1

Day 1

Meal 1, 12:00pm

steak, mixed veggies

Meal 2, 6:30pm

chicken breast, baked potato w/ butter, broccoli

Two simple meals, lots of good food. No, your metabolism will not slow down because you only ate two meals.

Day 2

Meal 1, 12:00pm

steak, mixed veggies

Meal 2, 6:30pm

chicken breast, baked potato w/butter, broccoli

What’s wrong with repeating this same pattern again? Nothing at all! You could buy and prepare these foods in bulk and have them ready for multiple days. You may even choose to eat an entire week like this and that’s just fine. You will eventually want to make some changes both for your own sanity and for nutritional needs.

Example 2

Day 1

No food. Water only

This is a fasting day where you will only drink non-calorie beverages

Day 2

Meal 1, 8:00am

Eggs, toast (Toast??!!! The horror, the horror!) – 10 points if you know where “the horror, the horror” actually comes from.

Meal 2, 12:00pm


Meal 3, 4:00pm


Meal 4, 7:30pm

chicken breast, baked potato w/butter, broccoli

We’re eating a hefty amount of food today, but not so much as to compensate fully for yesterday’s fast. This is an easy way to create a calorie deficit and imagine how much free time you’ll have on fasting days. Let’s assume our total daily energy expenditure is 2,000 calories. We ate 0 on Day 1 and let’s say Day 2 totals 3,000 calories. We’re still in a 1,000 calorie deficit for this two-day period. The best part is we probably wouldn’t even need to calculate all this if we keep the food pretty clean, as it would be hard for a person with a 2,000 daily expenditure to eat more than 3,000 calories of good quality food in one day.

Example 3

Day 1

Meal 1, 7:00am

Egg omelet w/mushrooms, onions, peppers

Meal 2, 10:00am

Yogurt w/ blueberries

Meal 3, 1:00pm

salad w/chicken, oil and vinegar dressing

Meal 4, 4:00pm

protein shake

Meal 5, 7:00pm

pork chop, baked potato, veggies

Meal 6, 9:00pm

dark chocolate

What we’ve got here is the old-school eat every 3 hours kind of plan. This is not necessary, but you may enjoy this type of eating pattern due to its variety of foods. This type of eating will require much more preparation and planning, since you’ll need to make sure you have your food with you everywhere you go.

Okay, I think that’s good for now. I hope you’re able to see the flexibility that is available to you regarding eating patterns. It really just comes down to personal preference as long as total quantity and quality of the food are kept in check. Fit your eating into your life and start eating to live. Now, go have sex or something.

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4 Responses to “Eating on SPEED – More time for sex”

  1. Luann says:

    “The horror, the horror” is from Joseph Conrad’s _The Heart of Darkness_, but I bet you are looking for Apocalypse Now.

    My husband and I usually only eat one meal a day leaving lots of time for, er, hobbies :) What we found works for us is that we let our bodies dictate our eating patterns–if you are hungry eat something. We both run a desk for a living so when we are working we only eat in the evenings, but if we are working outside and wake up hungry we have breakfast. If we are not hungry in the evening we don’t eat but if we are then we have another meal.

    • Matt says:

      10 Points for Luann! Either answer would have been accepted, but I should really award bonus points for Heart of Darkness. I read it in college and watched Apocalypse Now as part of a fiction to film class. Just before writing this I saw an episode of Big Bang Theory where two characters used “The horror, the horror” and I wondered if the actors even knew where it came from. Neither one is Brando, that’s for sure.

      I like your eating style. It’s important that your husband is on board with it too.

      I’ll admit, I fall into the “it’s time for dinner” trap sometimes even though I eat when hungry the rest of the day. Usually dinner is post-workout and training so I’m hungry anyway.

  2. Luann says:

    I love the Big Bang Theory! Yep, I am a geek! Here is another riddle me this: for whom the bell tolls. . .” It is the title of a Hemmingway novel but originates from a poem. “. . .to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.” And yes I am bored :)

    Again I find myself inside rather than outside. It is odd to be trapped inside in the summer time, but the wildfires are so bad here that the smoke is keeping any physical activity to a minimum. Thanks to you two for at least letting me exercise my brain and giving me something else to think about other than those in danger.

    I understand the whole Pavlov effect of “it’s dinner time”. It was how I was raised—5pm sharp we sat down to eat no matter what and it took me years to get out of that pattern. And it is good to point out that my husband is on board with my eating habits rather than demanding that a meal be cooked at 5pm. He doesn’t want to gain weight any more than I do! Since I do the majority of the cooking I will ask if he is hungry to which he responds are you hungry. If either of us responds no then it becomes a “fend for yourself night.” Another interesting thing that I have been thinking about is that one needs to balance physically sustaining one’s body and enjoying what you eat—without feeling guilty. By cracky I only have so many calories a day that I can consume before I exceed my daily intake and I am going to make those calories count! If I want a bowl of ice cream, I will eat a bowl of ice cream. (not a Twinkie but something marginally healthy) The flip side is that I need to increase my activity or decrease my intake in other areas.

    • Matt says:

      You mean it wasn’t James Hetfield’s originally? Now that I’ve given Big Bang Theory a chance, I like it too. The over-the-top nerdiness kept me away for a while.

      My family ate dinner together as a kid, something I’m very glad we got to do. Looking around at my friends who didn’t have that, their families seemed in disarray compared to ours. Maybe there is no real connection there, but either way having that family time every day was something I wouldn’t give up for anything. Of course, a family could do this without the meal.

      Mmmmm… ice cream.

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