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Piestewa Peak: Round 2

Posted on May 19th, 2012 by Matt Schoeneberger

I was here this morning: Piestewa Peak in Phoenix after a dog walk, of course. You can take dogs on the trail, but mine happens to have what I assume to be a very deeply rooted herding instinct, which causes her to act like a complete jack-ass if anyone or anything is moving in a direction she doesn’t agree with.

Mocha, aka the Bean

Mocha, a few years back.

Parking was a disaster, so I ended up parking out on the street in front of someone’s home. I imagine this is one of the drawbacks of owning mountain-view property. It worked out well though, since I found a part of the trail I hadn’t ever seen before – alternate summit trail. Now if you remember what I’ll now refer to as Round 1 (even though I’ve hiked there many times), I don’t hike the summit trial if I don’t have to but since it links up with the circumference trail I like, I end up on it for a little while anyway. Finding this alternate route minimized the time I had to spend on the summit trail with all the fashion models and city folk. Win!

I didn’t run nearly as much as I did last time due to what I think are two factors: last night I did Flex Fitness’ Weekly Challenge Workout and probably wasn’t fully recovered, and I only had a small banana before the hike. Oh, and it was substantially warmer here in AZ this morning – a beautiful day! Overall, a complete success.

On the walk back to my truck I passed a mom, dad and son, said my usual “good morning” and walked on past. The boy, maybe about 10, remarked to his mother something about me having taken a shower. I wore my Camelbak today and had taken it off once I was off the trail, which revealed the absurd amount of sweat that had accumulated on only that part of my shirt. His remark made me laugh and then I wondered if either of his parents were fun enough to explain why that would happen in the dry heat here. I hope so.

Apple Cider Vinegar is NOT Likely to Increase Your Metabolic Rate

Posted on May 17th, 2012 by Jeff Thiboutot M.S.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV), as well as other types of vinegars do have some potential health promoting benefits when used regularly and in the proper quantity (Johnston et al; Ostman et al). But vinegar, whatever type, is NOT likely to increase your metabolic rate, i.e., make you burn more calories in a day.

It is likely you have heard of apple cider vinegar, as it is a very popular item in health food stores due to the many health and weight management benefits ascribed to it by many “health experts,” most noteably the Braggs. Recently, I came across another glowing recommendation for the use of ACV from the Tone It Up Fat Burning System by Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn. I recently highlighted some of their bullshit HERE and will highlight a bit more of it now, so put on your hip waders as we will be up to our waist in poo. Read more »

Eating More Often Does NOT Speed Up Your Metabolism!

Posted on May 11th, 2012 by Jeff Thiboutot M.S.

Eating more often, say 6 meals instead of 3, does NOT increase how many calories your body will burn in a day. Therefore you will NOT lose more weight by eating more often! If you eat 1,500 calories a day, it does NOT matter, when it comes to losing weight, if you eat frequently, say 5 or 6 times a day, or infrequently, say 2 or 3 times a day. It just does NOT matter! I really can’t make this any clearer. Read more »

Dr Oz Loses More Respect! Part 1 – Green Coffee Bean Extract

Posted on May 6th, 2012 by Jeff Thiboutot M.S.

I happened to watch a recent episode of Dr Oz, something I don’t typically do. But, when I was flipping through the channels I saw that Dr Oz was going to be talking about some new breakthrough weight loss supplement which obviously got my attention. He was also going to discuss natural ways to relieve bloating. Both topics sounded interesting and I had a bit of free time, so I decided to watch it. Read more »

Simplification: It’s catching on!

Posted on May 3rd, 2012 by Matt Schoeneberger

If you read my recent post about un-complicating fitness, you weren’t alone. Apparently it has set the fitness blogging world on fire!

Anthony Colpo must read

Steve Kamb must read

I’m just being silly, of course. I doubt these guys spend much time reading blogs at all, let alone other fitness sites. But I like the fact that in one day, I can find two articles which share a theme: simplify and get shit done. Now do that day after day. Now that’s refreshing!